The Wal Mart In Which I Love You
I’ve gone down 2 sizes because of this miracle fruit!


he he. i forgot how to upload vidz on here. its been so long. heres a proper thing for it.

somebody cut off their hand

and left it

in the grocer’s freezer.

it looked like it’d been there for a while

before anybody found it.

i picked it up in my hands and held it.

it felt cold and dead.

a name tag

epitomizes a certain rudeness
pervasive in society.
as if to say
wear this. i don’t care
to learn your name.

the sheer horror of it.

the slicer.
stainless, heavy mechanical slicer.
brooding there.
waiting in silent gloom.
and the deep fryer too.
filled with bubbling fat.
the fear of somehow falling in it.
the fear of a deep fried hand. 
the sheer horror of it.

ben won.

ben won.

from a convo with my girlfriend.

from a convo with my girlfriend.

we sit there in the hot sun

on a hot bench

in the hot urban park

like a hot plate of black tops

and exhaust pipes.

we sit there exhausted from the heat. 

absorbed in the boneache of aloneness

we never outran. 

i hug you and you hit me

all over my head and my neck and my face. 

i hug you 

until you’re too tired to hit me anymore. 

we open the basket

and eat everything inside. 

Got me pegged.

Got me pegged.